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Raw Mango & Raspberry Cheesecake

Posted by Michelle Allen on


1 cup raw almonds.  1 cup dates.  1/3 cup LSA mix.  1 tbspn coconut oil, melted.

Blitz all ingredients into high speed blender.  Press into baking paper lined spring cake tin and freeze.  Covering base and up the sides a little.


1 cup raw cashews (soaked in boiling water overnight, if I am short on time I will pop a plate over top to speed up the process and soak for a couple of hours).  1 cup freeze dried raspberries.

1 cup Raglan coconut yoghurt.  1/2 cup coconut oil, melted.  1 tspn vanilla essence.  1/3 cup maple syrup.  1 cup frozen mango (defrosted).

Drain cashews and add all ingredients into high speed blender.  Pour on top of base, sprinkle freeze dried raspberries on top and gently press down a little into the mango mixture, freeze until frozen.  Pull out of freezer half an hour or so before ready to serve so it softens a little.

I have also made different variations of seasonal fruits and they all turn out delicious!

Enjoy x

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