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Woodlands Air Care
$50.00 NZD

Woodlands Air Care

Gypset Yogi

Woodlands Air Care is a deep bow to the natural plant world around us.

This grounding mist is a beautiful blend of essential oils designed to welcome the fresh earthy scents of the forest inside to your sacred spaces.

Thoughtfully created from the highest quality grade of essential oils, a little goes a long way.  When we care for the air within our environment we are also creating a state change within ourselves, welcoming ourselves and those within our space into a more harmonious internal space.

Notice how conversations will begin to flow more effortlessly and truthfully among friends, family and loved ones.  Notice how there is an immediate down shift from the head back to the heart.  Notice how refreshing your external space refreshes and uplifts your internal space.

I use this in our shared family space and in our  bedrooms  as a reminder to plant our feet firmly on the Earth and honour the community of trees and plants that continuously nourish and support us.

Brown glass bottle. 100ml.


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