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Mama &  Bebe  Bhakti Box
Mama &  Bebe  Bhakti Box
$105.00 NZD

Mama & Bebe Bhakti Box

Gypset Yogi

Lovingly curated to nurture and nourish both Baby and Mama.

* Happy Baby Hanako gem and flower essence elixir.  Calm.  Support.  Balance.  This beautiful blend helps support babies and toddlers emotional balance, helping them feel calm and safe and prevent them from absorbing energies or environments that may be overwhelming or chaotic and result in over stimulation, tantrums and crankiness.  Affirmation:  "You are safe, secure and always loved".  50ml glass bottle.

*Goodnight Baby Hanako gem and flower essence oil.  This sleep time blend supports calming your body's body and mind, encouraging relaxation, helping to create a calm happy zone between sleep and the days impressions and experiences.  Rub lovingly on the soles of babies feet, Mamas feet too!  Affirmation: "You are safe, secure and always loved".  30ml glass bottle.

*Awakening Hanako gem and flower essence elixir for Mama, a beautiful blend to awaken, revitalise and reconnect the whole being.  Honour yourself, your Heart and your authentic power.  Stay with yourself and listen closely to your inner knowing. Affirmation: "With each inhale I feel my energy expand and radiate and with each exhale I anchored into my intuition.  Divine energy flows through me and supports me in every moment.  I am deeply connected, peaceful and full of vitality". 50ml glass bottle.


*Rose Quartz to bring in the highest vibrational of love, softness, kindness, tenderness  and understanding.  


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