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Unlimited Compassion Necklace
Unlimited Compassion Necklace
Unlimited Compassion Necklace
$195.00 NZD

Unlimited Compassion Necklace

Satya Jewellery

This necklace is truly, truly special!  A stunning pendant of Rose Quartz - the stone of unconditional love and compassion.  Held within a beautiful golden Mandala frame.  This darling will work directly and deeply with the heart chakra raising the vibration of love, kindness and compassion to the wearer and therefore to all of those around also.  The heart chakra being the central energy channel of all other chakras within the body so will therefore balance and restore harmony to your entire being.

* Rose Quartz - unconditional love and compassion.  Heart chakra.

* 18" length.

* 18KT Gold Plated Brass.

Made with love and sacred intention.


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