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Thee BEST Turmeric Latte Mix
$29.95 NZD

Natures Harvest

Thee BEST Turmeric Latte Mix

I have tried many a tumeric latte including making my own from scratch, buuuuuttttt this hands down has my vote every time.  It has the most perfect amount of spice and heat to warm you up from the inside out and its my go-to for winter warming wellness.

100% Organic ingredients.  Turmeric, Ceylon cinnamon, ginger, whole ground vanilla, cardamon, chilli, black pepper.... thats it!  No hidden sugars nothing!   This little packet has 35 servings in it as half a teaspoon is all you need to create your delicious latte, chia seed pudding, tonic, smoothie or bliss balls.

To make it even more sweeter this is a Product with a Purpose,  every packet sold $1 goes towards the Magic Moments foundation.  This foundation turns hope into reality.  Their  mission is to arm people with the knowledge, skills and support to enable them to become the person they need to be to have the life they dream of having!  These camps are currently running in Australia but soon will be coming to New Zealand. Magic Moments, a leadership programme for youth.  Visit turmericlatte.mix.com for more details.

 *Certified Vegan, GF, Caffeine Free, Supports Organic Farmers, Free from additives, No added sugar,  Empowering young lives, Nourishing the World.