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Cleanse & Bless  Bhakti Box
Cleanse & Bless  Bhakti Box
Cleanse & Bless  Bhakti Box
$90.00 NZD

Gypset Yogi

Cleanse & Bless Bhakti Box

Cleanse and Bless any person, sacred space, altar or any environment you wish with these beautiful primary ritual tools.  Use intuitively as needed or under the guidance of the New Moon, Full Moon or Equinox cycles.

*Sheman Ritual Mist, activated with crystals and wildflowers to assist with Creation, Ascension, Anchoring, Confidence, Manifestation and Higher Guidance. Spray around self and space with focus and loving intention. 100ml glass bottle.

*Smudge Stick, use the smoke of the lit smudge stick to "wash"  any unwanted, negative and stagnant energy from a space or person.  Open all windows and doors so the energy can leave the space / person.  

*Selenite Wand, the crystal of liquid light, will remove unwanted energy from any space and restore and amplify high vibrations of clarity, focus and manifestation whilst instilling deepest calm within the user and/or space.  Beautiful to assist you in your meditation or place on windowsill to keep the energy of the room fresh and welcoming.

*Rose Quartz for healing all manners of the heart.  To generate self love, romantic love, universal and divine love.

*Garden Quartz Crystal used for planting of seeds, intentions in your inner garden.

*Smudging Feather, use to "wash" and "move" smoke of Smudge stick around the space you are cleansing and blessings.

*Smudging Prayer, you may read aloud or silently as you ask the spirit of the sage plant to assist you in your cleanse.