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Sweetgrass for positivity and strength
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Gypset Yogi

Sweetgrass for positivity and strength

Sweetgrass is used in traditional Native American ceremony for welcoming in positivity and calmness into a space and/or people.   This sacred Native plant is braided together and the three braids are said to represent Love, Peace and Harmony OR Mind, Body, Spirit.

Traditionally you would use a Smudge Stick to clear the space of negativity before you would begin a healing, a circle or even just a general cleanse of your environment, your altar or self.  Afterwards you would then finish the ritual with the burning of the Sweetgrass to bestow blessings of positivity and strength.  It deepens our connection to our Creator and relations, it represents the Mother, our Mother, Earth Mother so Sweetgrass brings us back to our connection to the land and all that is around us and all of those that have gone before us.

How to Use:

- Cut off the end of your braid.  Place the end somewhere outside, remember this is a sacred plant so please don't throw it in the rubbish bin.

-Light the end of braid by holding it in a flame and gently rotating the braid.

-Blow on lit end.

-Use smoke to "wash" the environment, there should be no flame.

- Stamp out against side of pottery dish or large shell.  Do not leave burning unattended.