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Shanti  - Peace Energy Mist
Shanti  - Peace Energy Mist
$28.00 NZD

Shanti - Peace Energy Mist

Gypset Yogi

Shanti - Peace  Energy Mist is a gorgeous hand made energy spray made using a combination of vibrational essences and 100% essential oils. They contain water that has been energetically charged with healing energies and vegetable glycerine to preserve the essences and oils.

This blend is perfect to use when anxiety or stress is increasing your mental activity, preventing you from being able to relax and rest fully.  It brings a sense of equanimity and calm.  Beautiful to use before meditation to bring you into the present moment and calm the mind.  Also useful to use if you find it difficult to switch off from work or after a busy day.  It is also wonderful for those times you might feel your life is in chaos or you are  in chaotic environments.

Essences; Shanti, Balance, Tranquility,  Prem, Light in to Being.

Essential oils;  Sandalwood and Vertiver.

To use spray around your aura.



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