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Rose Quartz Wings
$55.00 NZD

Rose Quartz Wings

Gypset Yogi

Oh My Heart!  These beautiful rose quartz wings literally took my breath away.   Rose Quartz amplifies the Heart frequency, inviting in deepest love for self and all sentient beings.  Growing our capacity for compassion, kindness and understanding.  This gorgeous gemstone works directly with the heart chakra and therefore balances the lower 3 physical chakras and the higher 3 spiritual chakras, restoring the body to balance and harmony.                      

For lovers of freedom, expansion and flight.  For lovers of Love.

Delicately carved feathers emboss these gentle gemstone wings.

Length:  10cm.  Width at widest point: 4cm.  These can be purchased as individual wings or as a pair. 


"You cannot learn about Love, LOVE appears on the wings of Grace" - Rumi.

Pair/Single Single Wing

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