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Crystal Singing Bowl (large) - Heart Chakra
Crystal Singing Bowl (large) - Heart Chakra
$330.00 NZD

Crystal Singing Bowl (large) - Heart Chakra

Gypset Yogi

Crystal Singing Bowl - Heart Chakra 

Note F.   Heart medicine.  Divine love.  Universal love.  Unconditional love.  Self love.  Love in all the ways, shapes and forms.  The heart chakra balances both the lower and the higher chakras, tending to the whole being with tenderness, joy and vitality.

I am often asked “how do I play the Crystal bowl”, my answer is always “let your heart play”…… your beautiful bowl wants to be played by you, it wants to sing with you and through you.  Welcome yourself into a very grounded place, take several deep breaths down into your belly and allow your heart to lift, swell and expand.  Holding your mallet with the tenderness of your own sacred heart begin to intuitively play your bowl.  Let go, surrender to the flow of your own breath and trust in the guidance that comes through for you to play the song of your bowl. Enjoy. 

Cleanse your bowl under fresh running water, bless with the sacred smoke of Palo Santo.  You can tend to this ritual whenever you feel called to.  Your bowl has already been washed, cleansed, blessed under the guidance of white sage, palo santo, incense, light language, prayer, reiki and my shamanic drum ….. she is ready for you. 

We are sound, we are resonance, we are energy. We can heal ourselves through sound, through pure tones. We can release old patterns, beliefs, physical pains, disease and depression – all forms of ailments through re-balancing our inner resonance, which ultimately effects and directs our physical being.

Size: Height 24cm x Diameter 30cm.   Includes mallet and rubber ring stand.

***Please note these are pick up from Auckland only as too fragile to ship.


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