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Rose Quartz
$80.00 NZD

Rose Quartz

Gypset Yogi

My love affair with crystals began with Rose Quartz, I would endlessly get lost in her softness and her ability to draw that out in me.

The stone of unconditional love, it has been said that Rose Quartz was bestowed upon the Earth as a gift of love, passion and happiness for all. By tapping into the energy of the divine feminine,  Rose Quartz will restore faith, compassion, harmony and balance in all matters of the Heart.  She carries endless energy of love, kindness, compassion and  beauty.... she commands love for all sentient beings.

Beautiful to infuse any sacred space, bedroom, living room, altar, entrance way with unconditional love.

Cleanse your crystals by placing them somewhere safe outside under the blessings of the Full Moon.  "Wash" them with the smoke of Palo Santo or Sage Smudge Sticks to clear and restore energy to them when ever you feel compelled to.  (Find these items under Cleanse).

Size 18cm x 14cm.  12cm height.


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