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Rose Petal Powder
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Rose Petal Powder

Organic red rose petal powder - an ancient Ayurvedic tonic. Emotional tonic, metabolic support, brain tonic, heart and circulatory tonic.

A tonic herb taken from the Ayurveda, rose petals are known to balance all three doshas.  It is also thought to govern and balance the emotions in the heart, helping us to digest and process feelings and thoughts.  This is of benefit when people are feeling down, anxious, overworked or stressed and finding it difficult to get  on top of things whilst also enhancing brain health and cognition.

Rose also creates coordination between the mind and the light of the sol, thereby uplifting the spirit and aiding in manifesting your reality!

From a physical perspective, rose is shown to settle and balance  the digestive system, support nutrient absorption while balancing the appetite.  

From a beauty perspective, it has been known for centuries for its beautifying actions, as it is thought to moisturise the skin from within.  It is also thought to purify the sebum so that it does not irritate the skin, so great for people prone to impurities.

And just like roses are an expression of romantic love and affection, rose petal powder, with its beautiful hue and romantic scent, is known to have an aphrodisiac effect.

A gorgeous soft pink, with a luscious Rosie floral scent, try adding half a teaspoon to your favourite warm milk, or add to smoothies, coffee, tea, desserts or bliss balls for a rosy heart warming tonic.

Emotional heart tonic.
Romantic love tonic.
Beauty from within.

How to use it?
Add to hot milk, smoothies, smoothie bowls, desserts, baking, topically in facemarks, add to your blissful bath.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or having any medical conditions consult your healthcare practitioner before use.

100% Organic Red Rose Petal Powder.

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