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Pearl Braided Bracelet
Pearl Braided Bracelet
Pearl Braided Bracelet
Pearl Braided Bracelet
$60.00 NZD

Pearl Braided Bracelet

LeeLoo Bird


Mother of Pearl brings the gentle healing power of the sea, bringing forth teachings of fluidity, intuitive flow, sensitivity, creativity  and adaptability .  It is a stress relieving stone, soothing and calming to the emotions.

LeeLoo bird collections have been created in Bali, holding a gram of her magic.

Each and every jewel has been crafted by  skilled artisans with their own hands, using traditional techniques to solder & polish your piece to perfect imperfection. Because with the hand, there is soul… this raw process adds much more character to a jewel.

Created with meticulous care from the purest of metals, such as solid Sterling Silver (925) & Gold Vermeil (22-Karats). We also use gemstones and copper, which are believed to release essential healing energies within the body.

“We were born to be real not to be perfect”.

 This collection reflect how being imperfectly real is truly perfect and beautiful.

Designed with the intention to protect & empower their owners, the final special touch is to spice each piece up with our blessing of positive thoughts & intentions.

-Dimensions: 17cm

-Gold Vermeil 22KT

-Sterling Silver 925



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