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Peaceful Sleep Box
Peaceful Sleep Box
Peaceful Sleep Box
$130.00 NZD

Peaceful Sleep Box

Gypset Yogi

Designed to melt and soften any hard edges of the mind so you may enjoy a restful nights sleep.  Creating rituals around bedtime is profoundly healing to the nervous system and helps to regulate our cicadium rhythm.  Resting when the sun goes down and rising when the sun comes up brings us into the cycles of nature to help us remember our own connection to the natural world around us.  Sleep is medicine, our super power!


This box of loveliness includes:

***Calm Tea + Tonic:  Harmonise your entire being with daily sips of Calm tea.  Sip your way back to a body of equanimity and vital ease.

Grounding Gotu Kola blend with aromatic spearmint and cardamom. Prepare for a healthy night’s sleep and soothe the effects of stress with this mind and mood tonic. This nurturing, Caffeine-free elixir is perfect when preparing for assignments/exams. This tea is suitable for children + teenagers, and of course all adults.

Ingredients: Gotu Kola, Lemon balm, Spearmint, Chamomile, Licorice root, Cardamom. 

***DREAM THERAPY OIL - Organics of Camellia and Fractionated Coconut make this botanical oil lightweight and silky, blended with Sandalwood and Lavender essential oils and activated with Crystal and Wildflower Essences to activate awareness and welcome surrender.


Ancient alchemy essence of Jade, Apophyllite, Black Onyx designed to assist with: *Awareness. *Surrender. *Dreamwork. *Wholeness. *Relaxed State. *Peaceful Sleep.

Apply as a night ritual on body in a bath to enhance dream work, its absorbent texture won't harm the sheets.  Apply anytime to the body for the Crystalline therapy to assist with realisation of your hopes and dreams.

Ingredients: Camellia Oil*, Fractionated Coconut Oil*, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil.  ESSENTIAL OILS: Sandalwood, Vanilla Absolute, Rose Absolute, Lavender*, Cedarwood, Bergamot. CRYSTAL & WILDFLOWER ESSENCE: Jade+, Apophyllite+, Black Onyx+, Slender Rice Flower+;


***DREAM MIST -  unbelievably divine!!!!!  Lovingly created to help you unwind and  to inspire deep relaxation and sleep.  This sleep time blend will gently help to calm the mind, centre the energy and create space within oneself to breathe, unify and deeply relax.   Pop this beside your bed and spray onto your pillow, over the crown the head and onto the heart.  Take 3 deep breathes and repeat the follwoing affirmation.  Feel yourself unwind and drift off to sleep, sweet dreams.

"I now allow myself let go of the day.  With each inhale, I feel relaxed and calm, with each exhale I soften and relax."

Ingredients:  Crystal infused spring water, rose geranium, lavender, eucalyptus, petitgrain, ylang yang and frankincense.

Gem and Flower Essences sealed with Mantra, Made with Love. 


***White Sage to cleanse, purify and empower body, mind, spirit, sacred spaces and objects, second hand objects and any environments that need new life breathed into them.   Employ the plant medicine of White Sage to release old habitual pathways - to clear the pathway forward.  Opening all doors and windows lightly sage your bedroom (and any other areas of your home) to keep the energy fresh and inviting.



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