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Organic Lavender Essential Oil - 10ml
$38.00 NZD

Organic Lavender Essential Oil - 10ml

BIO Formulations

Lavender - The Oil of Communication

Lavender, the gentle first aid kit in a bottle requires no introduction.    This beautiful lavender oil is organically grown in Bulgaria, renowned for its long history and high quality production.  One of the few essential oils that can be directly applied to your skin.

Benefits:  Soothing, skin repair, heals wounds, eases fractious energy and is wonderfully useful in calming irritable children.  Promotes deep restful sleep and clear communication.

To use:  Add a few drops to your essential oil diffuser or a safely-positioned oil burner to create an environment of ease, safety and harmony for truthful conversations to flow.  Dab on cuts, grazes, burns, bites, stings and acne.  A few drops on you pillow at night will encourage a quiet mind and blissful sleep.  Mix 1 drop with a little carrier oil and massage into the souls of your feet before bed.   Gently massage 1 drop onto the temples and back of the neck to relieve head tension.

Essential Oils are very concentrated, please store them carefully out of the reach of children at all times and out of direct sunlight.

10 ml glass bottle.


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