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Nurture Energy Mist
Nurture Energy Mist
$28.00 NZD

Nurture Energy Mist

Gypset Yogi

Nurture Energy Mist is a gorgeous hand made energy spray made using a combination of vibrational essences and 100% essential oils. They contain water that has been energetically charged with healing energies and vegetable glycerine to preserve the essences and oils.

This divine spray soothes the heart, emotions and nervous system, summoning the energy of the Universal Mother who loves you unconditionally and cares for us all.  Like a warm blanket wrapped around our shoulders, it is soft, feminine and nurturing.  Holding and supportive, it can assist you in times of shock, grief, trauma and emotional upset.

Essences; Nurture, Prem, Light in to Being.

Essential oils; Rose, Neroli and Palma Rose.

To use spray lovingly around your aura.

30ml glass bottle.


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