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New Moon Blessing Candles
$40.00 NZD

New Moon Blessing Candles

Gypset Yogi

Small boutique batch of  hand poured candles created, cleansed and blessed under the generative flow of the New Moon.  Softly scented with the highest grade of Lavender essential oil  (the Oil of Communication), to lull you into a state of deep inner peace whist opening you up to clarify what is needed to  plant seeds of intention for the coming cycle ahead. 

Each candle has four A grade  Clear Quartz Points crystals  to infuse your inner and outer  space with clarity, focus and manifestation.  Once your candles have burnt down you can wash these gemstones in warm soapy water and add to your sacred space to continue working with these high vibration beauties.

My intention is to work with these candles during meditation, journaling or any sacred work you choose  to instil a profound sense of ritual, grounding.... A returning to the root of your Heart.  I hope you love these as much as I do.

-Size 10cm x 6cm

-Lavender - Oil of Communication

-Clear Quartz Points - Clarity, Focus, Manifestation.

-New Moon - Beginnings.


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