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Moon Mist
$48.00 NZD

Moon Mist

Elizabeth Wilde

Meditation, crystal and energy cleansing elixir.

This Moon Mist blend is the perfect meditation companion to assist with and  strengthen Divine Connection.  Lightly spray Moon Mist around your face, body, environment and crystals.  Any lower frequencies are lifted and access to your still serene space is easily achieved.

This beautiful mist contains Brazilian Quartz points which have been charged by the full moon and the Divine Masculine and Feminine essential oils of Frankincense, Myrrh and Sandalwood.  The journey into your calm meditative state will be one of ease and enlightenment.

This Moon Mist offering has been charged by the full moon in Taurus - romance / serenity / protection.

She travels everywhere with me, the perfect companion for Yoga, Meditation and space clearing.

Hand blended with Love and Intention  in Aoteroa.  100ml glass bottle.



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