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Manawa Lapis Lazuli
Manawa Lapis Lazuli
Manawa Lapis Lazuli
$80.00 NZD

Manawa Lapis Lazuli


This stunning piece is hand crafted in Aotearoa. This special gemstone, Lapis Lazuli is a sacred stone prized by the ancient Egyptians and many ancient cultures as far back as 3100BC. Lapis was richly laid in many pieces of jewellery worn by the priests and royalty to indicate their status as gods themselves. Its deep blue remains the symbol of royalty and honour, gods and power, spirit and vision. When worm like this the lapis opens the third eye, awakening you to the power of the pineal gland and enhancing psychic abilities or spiritual gifts we have long forgotten. It stimulates enlightenment, personal and spiritual power.

This divine piece slips perfectly over the head and rests nestled within the hair.

Hand made with love and sacred intention.


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