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MAHO Sensory Incense  Sticks - OUD Boheme
MAHO Sensory Incense  Sticks - OUD Boheme
$39.00 NZD

MAHO Sensory Incense Sticks - OUD Boheme


MAHO combines natural, aromatic resin with a refined blend of premium perfumes to release a delicate, timeless scent & smoke to awaken the senses and transport the mind to an oasis of inner calm.    These slender and carefully curated incense sticks have been crafted using ancient techniques respecting the traditions of fusing incense with love and prayer to honour loved ones and encourage health and prosperity.

Oud Boheme excludes imperial qualities of dark wood and cinnamon.  This beautiful earthy sweet and spicy smoke honours the vitality and life force of Dubai.  Think warm mixed spices with tiny grams of sandalwood and amber,  meets hand picked jasmine blooms to create a scent story of balance.

30 sticks.  Encased in a glass tube.  

Maho Button Burner Included.

Burn time of each stick (approximately 60 minutes).


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