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Lunar Lovers Ritual Bhakti Box
Lunar Lovers Ritual Bhakti Box
Lunar Lovers Ritual Bhakti Box
Lunar Lovers Ritual Bhakti Box
$125.00 NZD

Lunar Lovers Ritual Bhakti Box

Gypset Yogi

I have curated this dreamy little Lunar Lovers Ritual Box because I understand the importance of living in connection with  Mother Moons phases and  rhythms in order to connect to our own phases and rhythms.   The Moon has information and wisdom  to share with us and these tools for ritual will help us enter into quite place of listening, of ceremony, so we may listen to her messages.  When we enter into these easeful and simple rituals we begin to live in alignment with her, and our seasons and cycles.  We understand the world around us and ourselves more fully.

This beautiful box includes the following:

* Moon Oil - a meditation and energy cleansing elixir containing Brazilian Quartz points which have been charged by the full moon of Taurus and the divine essential oils of Frankincense, Myrrh and Sandalwood.  Anoint your pulse points or sweep through your hair, the perfect meditation companion to assist with and strengthen Divine Connection. 

* Palo Santo Sticks - Use to bestow blessings upon a person, sacred space, environment, sacred objects, crystals.  Beautiful to ground, cleanse negative energy, restore lost energy, soothe anxiety and anchor you into the moment. (5 x sticks).

* Smudge Stick - Light and use smoke to "wash" through any environment or over person starting from the crown and working down to the feet.  Grandmother Sage will cleanse negativity and any unwanted energy leaving freshness and clarity in her wake. (Open windows and doors to allow the energy to leave the room/person).

*Selenite Wand - Think of this wand as your "smoke free" smudge stick, you may wave her through the ether and her cleansing energy will clear stuck energy.  Place her upon any sacred altar space or upon your windowsill to clear the energy and  bestow blessings of clarity and calmness.  Use in meditation by holding her in the palm of your hand.

*Rose Quartz -To bring forth blessing of unconditional love upon all sentient beings, to restore self confidence and kindness.  She is a must have for any crystal lover!

*Quartz Point - To bring in clarity of vision, manifestation and focus.  Perfect to work with as she will guide you towards what needs to be shed and what needs to be welcomed in.  An all time fav.

*Quartz Geode - A divine little crystal cave where both halves fit together to make a whole.  Whisper your intentions inside her sparkling cave and she will hold them true for you.

*Smudging Prayer - to read aloud or silently say whilst using your Smudge Stick and/ or Palo Santo.

*Crystal Ritual - A "how to" guide to programme your sacred crystals with your personal intention.

  Use 3 days prior to a Full Moon or a New Moon, lovely to set up a little altar space somewhere that basks in the Moonlight if you cannot get outside.  Otherwise set up a little tray (or use your box)  where you can easily take your ritual tools outside with you to bask in her glory and Moon bathe.  Enjoy.


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