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Illuminate the Path Bhakti Box
Illuminate the Path Bhakti Box
Illuminate the Path Bhakti Box
Illuminate the Path Bhakti Box
Illuminate the Path Bhakti Box
$129.00 NZD

Illuminate the Path Bhakti Box

Gypset Yogi

Illuminate the Path Bhakti Box designed to welcome in light, abundance and cosmic charged clarity.

*Hand poured 100% pure soy wax candle infused with blessings of rose quartz, clear quartz, citrine, amethyst lovingly cleansed and charged under the guidance of the full moon.  Tiny dried rose buds to illuminate beauty.

*I Am.... Clarity,  Hanako gem and flower essence to assist in relaxation, balance and focus.   Easing tension, anxiety and mental fatigue, replenishing yourself and enlivening your inner light and radiance.  Affirmation: "My mind is clear and focused, I feel refreshed and balanced.  My Heart is joyful". 50ml glass bottle.

*Cosmic Brew by Mistyday plant potions, a nourishing spicy blue brew to light up your senses and brighten your cosmos.  The super antioxidant attributes of blue spirulina extract blend with the fiery power of ginger and adaptogenic qualities of tulsi to create a bright blue magical tonic elixir.  50gm tonic powder, glass bottle.

*Selenite Wand, the crystal of Liquid Light!  Use in the palm of your hand during meditation or place on your window sill to dispel negative energies of stress, tension, anger, anxiety.  This high vibration crystal will "wash" your energy and restore clarity and deepest calm.  She will aid in clearing your path.

*Palo Santo, holy wood (3 sticks) use the smoke of this grounding ancient wood to "wash" your person, sacred space, altar or any environment you wish to bestow blessings of manifestation, abundance and light.  As Palo Santo restores and replenishes the energy of person or space she will gently cleanse away what is no longer needed leading you to your finest listening and highest wisdom.

*Rose Quartz Buddha for love in all ways, for compassion, kindness, understanding and highest source of all wisdom.

*Citrine, the crystal of abundance, light and joy.  She will bring the sunshine in!



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