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Hoseki Sara - Rose Quartz Incense Holder
Hoseki Sara - Rose Quartz Incense Holder
Hoseki Sara - Rose Quartz Incense Holder
$55.00 NZD

$85.00 NZD

Hoseki Sara - Rose Quartz Incense Holder


Honoured as the crystal of the Heart, rose quartz is recognised as a symbol of unconditional love, intimacy, friendship and inner peace.

Calm and quiet in its essence, rose quartz is believed to purify and open the heart and promote deep inner healing.  Igniting tenderness, compassion, self forgiveness and acceptance.  We may employ her qualities to attract new love, romance and intimacy.  Highly attuned to the Earth, Universe and the Divine, rose quartz inspires the love of beauty, oneself and others.

The Copper, a conduit of the harmonic connection between the physical and astral bodies.  Copper aligns the subtle minds and acts as a channel for energy sharing.  Copper is a healing mineral, stimulating initiative, optimism, diplomacy and independence, Copper activates and opens the sacral chakras advancing and stablising intuition.  Closely linked and attributed to Venus, Copper promotes positive vibrations, awareness, and enhances love shared and bonds made.  Healing relaxing and purifying in its properties.

Size: Rose Quartz 10cm x 10cm. 


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