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your life is the ceremony, you are the ceremony.
Heart Activation Bhakti Box
Heart Activation Bhakti Box
Heart Activation Bhakti Box
Heart Activation Bhakti Box
$115.00 NZD

Heart Activation Bhakti Box

Gypset Yogi

Designed to guide you into deepest listening, learning and leading with your own Heart.  May we bow in deepest gratitude to the wisdom that already resides within our own Heart.

This beautiful box includes;

*Shemana Heart Activation Oil to assist with Self Love, Stability, Nurturing, Forgiveness, Emotional Healing, Unconditional Love.  Use in bath or on body.

*Boundaries & Protection by Pixie Lighthorse to honour Yourself and Others.

*Selenite Wand, the crystal of liquid light, will remove unwanted energy from any space and restore and amplify high vibrations of clarity, focus and manifestation whilst instilling deepest calm within the user and/or space.  Beautiful to assist you in your meditation or place on windowsill to keep the energy of the room fresh and welcoming.

*Rose Quartz for healing all manners of the heart.  To generate self love, romantic love, universal and divine love.

*Garden Quartz Crystal used for planting of seeds, intentions in your inner garden.


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