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Handcarved Balinese  Drum
Handcarved Balinese  Drum
Handcarved Balinese  Drum
$350.00 NZD

Gypset Yogi

Handcarved Balinese Drum

I fell so deeply in love with these Balinese hand carved drums whilst drinking in the warmth of the Balinese summer during our NZ winter last year.  FINALLY they have arrived and I am  so happy to share them with you!  I use mine as a coffee table, which is actually more of a tea, crystal, candle and flower table.

These are lovingly hand carved so each has their own beautiful imperfections which makes them even more perfect!

Recycled Teak wood.

Size: 51cm height.  60cm diameter.

Please note these are PICK UP only from Coatesville, Auckland. NZ.