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Gua Sha - Amethyst
$33.00 NZD

Gua Sha - Amethyst

Gypset Yogi

 Amethyst - Spirituality, Intuition, Peace, Harmony.

Facial Gua Sha is a beautiful way to care for yourself, create ritual within your day and a nurturing skin care treatment.  Gua Sha is a simple technique used in Traditional Chinese Medicine used to relieve blockages in the Meridian System creating a smooth flow of Qi (energy) throughout the body-mind.

Please note each Gua Sha stone is slightly different due to the natural nature of Amethyst.

Size: 8cm x 6cm

How to use:

Cleanse your face and hands, Spritz your face with water or our beautiful Hanako Rose Face Mist, using your fav natural facial oil (I highly recommend our Glow Face Oil or Illuminate ) and apply gently and generously to your face and neck.  Using very gentle upward sweeping strokes to "scrape" the Gua Sha over the face.  You may notice little red spots or patches occur on the skin this is normal.   Drink  a large glass of filtered water afterwards.


*Stimulates bloody circulation and the lymphatic system.

*Increases Qi (energy) circulation to the face, which will improve the complexion and reduce puffiness.

* Enhance collagen production and boost hydration of the skin.

*Release facial fascia tension.

*Alleviates headaches, sinus infections.  Reduces jaw, neck and shoulder pain.

*A beautiful ritual to create to take good care of yourself, dissolving tension within the whole body.  Enjoy.


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