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Gemstone Roller Tops
Gemstone Roller Tops - Amethyst
Gemstone Roller Tops - Rose Quartz
Gemstone Roller Tops
Gemstone Roller Tops
$7.00 NZD

Gemstone Roller Tops

Gypset Yogi

SALE!  These beauties have been reduced from $20 each to $7!!!!
Receive the healing properties of crystals when applying your essential oils with these divine gemstone rollerballs. Each gemstone is hand made and will vary slightly in size, colour and overall appearance with their own unique way of releasing oil.
Select your gemstone and fit to your 9ml or 10 ml rollerball bottles.
Amethyst:  Beautiful healing gemstone for protection, balance and confidence. Welcome yourself into a calm and centered internal space.
Rose Quartz: The ultimate gemstone for love in all ways. Invite the love into your own heart to connect deeper to your own self love and watch this infuse  softly into all of your relationships and all that you do.
Photo credit:
Kind Amethyst

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