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Gemstone Ritual Box
Gemstone Ritual Box
$40.00 NZD

Gypset Yogi

Gemstone Ritual Box

Beautiful little silver tin with five  A Grade hand selected  gemstones, a Selenite wand and a Palo Santo stick.  The perfect selection to get you started, to add to your crystal collection or to gift a loved one. 

*Lapis Lazuli (dark blue crystal) - for enlightenment, awareness and trust in our own hearts wisdom.

*Rose Quartz (soft pink crystal) - for love in all ways, beauty, happiness, confidence, compassion and kindness.

*Citrine (soft yellow crystal) - for joy, light and abundance.

*Amethyst (purple crystal) - for spirituality, intuition, peace and balance.

*Clear Quartz (clear crystal) - for clarity, manifestation and focus.

*Selenite (white wand crystal) - for cleaning, healing, protection and light.

*Palo Santo Wood - for bestowing blessings.

This darling little box comes with the meanings of the crystals, a "how to use" guide for Palo Santo wood and a sacred crystal ritual for you to use at home.