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Frankincense Essential Oil - 10ml
$59.00 NZD

Frankincense Essential Oil - 10ml

Gypset Yogi

Frankincense Essential Oil - The Oil of Divinity & Truth.   It is one of the most precious oils of the Ancient World.

Frankincense welcomes in feelings of peace, calm and overall wellness.  This beautiful earthy oil connects us to our Root Chakra and encourages us to trust our own wisdom and stimulates spiritual connection.   Place one drop on your index finger and gently press onto the crown of your head.

Frankincense invites us to let go of lower vibrations, untruths and negativity, this oil helps us to create new perspectives based on light and truth. 

Profoundly powerful and deeply gentle it opens spiritual channels to enhance practices of prayer, meditation and ritual.  Frankincense recalls to memory spiritual understanding, gifts and wisdom that we are here to bring into this world.


Apply 1 drop to back of neck and forehead with 1 drop of Lavender to relax and relieve tension.

Diffuse or use in oil burner with lavender to create a relaxing, receptive and nurturing environment, or with Sweet Orange Oil for Abundance and Wisdom to flow through your spaces.

Glass bottle. 10ml.



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