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Blue Lotus Whole Flower
Blue Lotus Whole Flower
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Blue Lotus Whole Flower

Bohemia Tea + Tonics

The most beautiful tea I am enjoying being with right now.  Blue Lotus is a sacred, etheric and high vibration flower that embodies the purest consciousness. Also known as The Sacred Blue water Lily of the Nile & the Egyptian lotus, blue lotus has been worshiped by many ancient cultures and civilisations from Ancient Egypt & Greeks to Tibetans.

Its usage dates back to Ancient Egypt, where it played a prominent role in Egyptian mythology and may have been used to promote blood flow and slow ageing. It emerges from the murky waters once a year to bloom for only three days. Blue Lotus has been used extensively in medicine, ritual, and celebration. It is believed to induce higher states of consciousness, a state of euphoria, promotes relaxation, & improves circulation.

The blue lotus experience. In smaller doses Blue lotus effect is a nervine and relaxant helping to relax and calm the nervous system, tight and tense muscles, allowing energy and vitality to flow throughout the body. Besides the ceremonial uses, blue lotus has also been used since the 1800s to reduce insomnia, anxiety and treat chronic pain.

These gorgeous lilies have always been highly valued for their exquisite beauty, intoxicating lilac-like scent and as symbols of creation, rebirth, death & the sun. Blue Lotus truly connects us to the Divine, inducing higher states of being and consciousness.

Organic and cruelty free.


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