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Dream Mist
$33.00 NZD

Dream Mist


Dream Mist -  unbelievably divine!!!!!  Lovingly created to help you unwind and  to inspire deep relaxation and sleep.  This sleep time blend will gently help to calm the mind, centre the energy and create space within oneself to breathe, unify and deeply relax.   Pop this beside your bed and spray onto your pillow, over the crown the head and onto the heart.  Take 3 deep breathes and repeat the follwoing affirmation.  Feel yourself unwind and drift off to sleep, sweet dreams.

"I now allow myself let go of the day.  With each inhale, I feel relaxed and calm, with each exhale I soften and relax."

Ingredients:  Crystal infused spring water, rose geranium, lavender, eucalyptus, petitgrain, ylang yang and frankincense.

Gem and Flower Essences sealed with Mantra, Made with Love. 

 Hanako's  Vibrational Scents were thoughtfully created to provide a natural alternative to perfumes.  Using pure essential oils, gem and flower essences, crystal-infused purified water and mantra, This range helps to raise your vibration, not only through scent but through the energetic properties each ingredient holds.  Essences derived from the earth's raw materials to lift, inspire, support and balance.

50ml glass bottle.


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