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Crystal Powers Charm Necklace - Scapolite & Citrine
$140.00 NZD

Gypset Yogi

Crystal Powers Charm Necklace - Scapolite & Citrine

This beautiful piece designed to bring in the Light.  To connect us to the joy and  the abundance within our own Hearts wisdom and most importantly to TRUST and be guided by  this innate wisdom.  This little healer will help you to put forth into action your highest visions.

*Scapolite - This darling pale yellow crystal connects to the solar plexus chakra - Manipura,  opening, cleansing and stimulating this chakra so that one is able to use ones personal power and will for the highest good.  Inviting in blessings of positivity and aiding in decisive action.  Yellow Scapolite strengthens ones feeling and understanding of "self".

*Citrine - to bring in the Light, Joy, Abundance and Vitality.  This unique crystal has the ability to self cleanse and recharge.


-Size 50cm, medium length necklace.

- Gold plated sterling silver.