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Crystal Lovers  Bhakti  Box
Crystal Lovers  Bhakti  Box
Crystal Lovers  Bhakti  Box
$125.00 NZD

Gypset Yogi

Crystal Lovers Bhakti Box

The perfect boxed treat for the crystal lover.


* A Guide to Gemstones Book with a beautiful Quartz point attached.

*  Smudge stick for clearing, cleansing and restoring energy to places, spaces, people, objects and crystals.

* Rose Quartz polished point for healing all manners of the heart.  To amplify self love, romantic love, Universal and Divine Love.

*. Rough cut Rose Quartz piece.

*. Selenite Heart crystal to welcome light and clarity into any environment and sacred space.

*. Lakshmi Goddess Energy Mist to attune to flow state, abundance, vitality, gratitude and joy.  To use spray around the body and energy field.  Beautiful to use around any environment, sacred space and even sacred objects - including your crystals.