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Pretty Brew
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Misty Day Plant Potions

Pretty Brew

This amethyst brew is a floral beacon to guide inner beauty through into the light of day.

Floral flavoured amethyst blend of maqui berry, rose petals, dragonfruit, goji, butterfly pea, rice bran solubles. High in anthocyanin which protect and beautify the skin. Organic red rose petals open the heart and soothe the spirit, while locos are the best kept secret for soft skin. Goji is added for its tonic benefits which also have anti aging and beautifying actions.

Beauty tonic
Collagen boosting
Moisture booster

How do you use it?
Add to hot milk, smoothies, smoothie bowls, desserts, baking, yoghurt.

Maqui Berry*, Coconut Milk Powder, Butterfly Pea Flower, Rose Petal Powder*, Tocotrienols, Vanilla, stevia, Himalayn Sea Salt.

*organic ingredients.

Pretty Brew Adaptogenic Beauty Bites Recipe