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Citrine - The Light Maker
Citrine - The Light Maker
Citrine - The Light Maker
$30.00 NZD

Citrine - The Light Maker

Gypset Yogi

Citrine the crystal of joy, ligh, vitality, warmth and abundance.  This beautiful self cleansing gemstone works closely with the solar plexus chakra instilling confidence, endurance and centeredness.  She is a powerful healer for self confidence and action. 

Citrine is a beautiful vibrant  light, welcoming in happiness and sunshine!

Size; 10cm x 6cm.  Height: 4.5cm.

This darling piece has a little wiggly "tooth" that is yanked would come away from the rest of the stone, but left to rest in place and do her work she will be just fine. 


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