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your life is the ceremony, you are the ceremony.
Boundaries & Protection
Boundaries & Protection
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Boundaries & Protection

Pixie Lighthorse

Honoring self, honouring others. This book is here to remind you of your willingness, your patterns, your magnificence, and what truly matters. Welcome home.

Pixie Lighthorse mothers the nurture-deficient world by teaching Earth Medicine theory and skills. Her educational programs are used by helpers and healers to advance in their fields of study, as well as by individuals in the self-healing process.

She is the author of the Prayers of Honoring series, written to restore the bonds between people and nature while healing spiritual trauma. In 2017, she completed her third book, Boundaries & Protection: Honoring Self, Honoring Others.

She has created and taught over forty online educational courses applying integrative shamanism, animal and plant studies, and the Medicine Wheel. She also developed a shamanic painting course entitled Visual Quest for online and live audiences.

She defines Earth Medicine as the accumulated learnings modeled by nature: the creatures, plants and geology which make up our world.


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