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Balance Energy Mist
Balance Energy Mist
$28.00 NZD

Balance Energy Mist

Gypset Yogi

Balance Energy Mist is a gorgeous hand made energy spray made using a combination of vibrational essences and 100% essential oils. They contain water that has been energetically charged with healing energies and vegetable glycerine to preserve the essences and oils.

Balance blend brings you in to the body and the present moment.  The perfect spray to use before yoga, dance or any bodywork session.  It is calming on the mental body, mind and nervous system.  Balancing and grounding, it provides stability during stressful times of transition and change.

Essences:  Balance, Shanti, Light in to Being, Kokeshwar Mahadev and for the Love of Gaia.

Essential oils: Basil and Spearmint.

To use spray lovingly around your aura.

30ml glass bottle.


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