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Angel Aura Cluster
$35.00 NZD

Angel Aura Cluster

Gypset Yogi

Angel Aura resembles the delicate wings of an angel and is a powerful crystal to use in your meditation or to have around you when you are discovering, or wish to discover a new life path.  She will assist you in achieving your seed dreams, help you to remember lessons you learnt from past incarnations and familiarise yourself to your spiritual purpose.

This darling harnesses a sweet and loving energy that will elevate your mood - bringing in the Light.

Angel Aura will bring in rest and purification, she will take you beyond the physical body so that  you may receive assistance from your own Angel guides.

An all-healer that can purify and align all your chakras.  Angel Aura will harmonise all your energy fields and make them work beautifully with your physical body.  She will show you the beauty that is all round you.

Size .  Height 6cm x 7cm wide.  Depth: 2.5cm


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