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Amethyst Generator
Amethyst Generator
Amethyst Generator
Amethyst Generator
$80.00 NZD

Amethyst Generator

Gypset Yogi

These beautiful Inky  Amethyst Generators are powerful healers for the throat and third eye chakras blessing the user with clear intuition and the ability to express effortlessly their personal expression.   Their deepest darkest purple has me swooning.

Amethyst is one of the most spiritually relaxing stones in the crystal kingdom.  Use her to wash away anxiety,  calm and stabilise the thinking mind and bring you into a deep sleep.  Use in meditation, place beside your bed, use in your sacred space or place in your living room to harmonise the  energy.

A  generator crystal has six facets meeting equally in a sharp point.  This is the optimum shape for generating energy. A generator crystal optimises healing energy, it activates focus and clarity of intention.

These darlings are weighty, deliciously deep in colour and actually make me sigh out loud when I spend time with them!

Size: Size 7cm length. 3.5cm width. 7cm height.


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