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your life is the ceremony, you are the ceremony.
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Shemana Crystalline Elixir

Shemana's own unique vibrational essences have been created through an ancient alchemical process in alignment with Solar, Lunar, Celestial and Earthly energies.  The essences are made by harnessing the natural healing energies of crystals and Wildflowers.  They are each designed to help balance the emotions, clarify the mind and align the spirit.  These vibrational remedies have been crafted with the highest integrity and purest intention.

Medicinal plants have been used throughout the ages for their soothing, healing and restorative properties. The best skin- loving botanicals have been gathered, infused into almond oil and placed in a sacred geometric pattern surrounded with crystals as they are activated  by the Sun and the Moon!

ALPHA Man Oil is a blend of natural oils to enrich the skin, whilst the high content of Moroccan Argan oil works wonders on taming and conditioning the hair.  Infused with a vibrational remedy of Crystal and Flower Essences to encourage a true sense of empowered self. 30ml Miron  violet glass bottle.



Ancient alchemy essence of Lapis Lazuli Hemimorphite, Black Obsidian, designed to assist with *Purpose. *Expression. *Protection. *Confidence. *Realization. *Empowered Self.



Blend into face, neck and any facial hair.  Recommended as an aftershave, a facial hair tamer tamer and delicious smelling hair oil.


Camellia Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil, Morroan Argan Oil*, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil.  ESSENTIAL OILS: Vanilla Absolute, Cedarwood, Juniper Leaf, Patchouli*.  CRYSTAL & WILDFLOWER ESSENCE: Lapis Lazuli+, Hemimorphite+, Black Obsidian+, Flannel Flower+.

*Certified Organic, +Wildcrafted.

NO toxins, harsh chemicals, parabéns, sulphates, synthetic fragrances or petrochemicals.

100ml Miron violet glass bottle, these Biophotonic Glass bottles are energised by the light.  Used since Ancient Egyptian times this ultra violet glass naturally filters the spectrum of visible sunlight, only allowing the UVA light through, increasing the shelf life and effectiveness.  Preserving the botanicals, herbal infusions and vibrational alchemy, are all held in their highest order. 


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