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Bliss Brew Bulletproof Coffee

Bliss Brew coffee blend, it gives you all the caffeine goods - focus, attention - but is less of a up and down buzz. 

Cacao keeps you awake and focused but chilled, ashwagandha gives you energy and makes your brain hum, turmeric gets the gut going and dampens inflammation, he shou wu and astragalus make you feel like you can conquer the world and when you couple this with a touch of coffee, some coconut oil or ghee and a bit of sweet... you got your self a morning elixir that will keep you pumped all day. 

So this is how you make the morning drink to end all morning drinks

1 teaspoon of misty day plant potions bliss brew
1/2 teaspoon of misty day plant potions ashwagandha powder 
big cup of almond milk 
shot of coffee 
teaspoon of sweetener - I like coconut sugar 
teaspoon of coconut oil or ghee

Chuck it all in a milk frother and give it a blast. Otherwise heat through in a pot and then blend in the blender so it gets frothy. 

Voila - blissful energy in a cup!!