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your life is the ceremony, you are the ceremony.
Goldmining the Shadows
$48.00 NZD

Goldmining the Shadows

Pixie Lighthorse

Goldming the Shadows is Pixie's fifth book and is the healing companion to Boundaries and Protection.  This powerful edition is practical, imaginative, and deeply personal.  It will help you examine the shadows in every crack and crevice of your gorgeous and painful life.  An illuminating gift to us all.

"There must be time to discover how rich an interior life can be.  Healing from the inside out is a gift we give to ourselves, our families, our world.  Dysfunction has its roots in our beginnings.  We grow stronger when we learn to face the darkness in our lives.  The purpose of doing shadow work is to cultivate what we need most: compassion and empathy for our younger selves, and stronger bonds with each other for moving forward together."


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