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Between Heaven And Earth.  A Guide To Chinese Medicine
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Between Heaven And Earth. A Guide To Chinese Medicine

Harriet Beinfield, L.Ac. and Efrem Korngold, L.Ac, O.M.D.

Combining Eastern traditions with Western sensibilities in a unique blend that is relevant today.  Between Heaven and Earth addresses three vital areas of Chinese medicine - theory, therapy, and type - to present a comprehensive, yet understandable guide to this ancient system.  Whether you are a patient with an aggravating complain or a curious intellectual seeker.  Between Heaven and Earth opens the door to a vast storehouse of knowledge that bridges the gap between mind and body, theory and practice, professional and self-care, East and West.

Harriet Beinfield and Efrem Korngold, pioneers in the practice of Acupuncture and herbal medicine in the United States for over eighteen years, explain the philosophy behind Chinese medicine, how it works and what it can do.

"Worthy and important.... This book will be a valuable source for all those interested in combining the best of the East and West" - Deepak Chopra.


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