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Lovers Brew
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Lovers Brew

Lovers Brew is my absolute new fav!  She embraces like the warmest, softest hug.  A  hot cup of this healing brew leaves you feeling calm, sensual and full of love.   Steeped in flavours of rich rose,  spicy cinnamon and sultry maca its my new favourite "I feel like dessert" after dinner go to.

Thoughtfully created from traditional Ayurvedic healing herbs:

Shatavari * - The most beautiful Womens herb for adaptogenic, fertility, passion, diuretic, love and hormone balance.

Damiana & Maca * - To promote peace, togetherness and pleasure.

Rose & Hibiscus * - To calm your Heart and support your emotional and sensual flow.

Cinnamon * - To warm and nourish the heart and bones.

Himalayan Sea salt. 

Stevia *.

*Organic Ingredients.

To use:  Add one level teaspoon to hot milk of your choice.  Can also be added to smoothies, juices, baking or desserts. 

50gm glass container.   25 serves.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding please seek guidance of your healthcare practitioner before use.