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Zazen - Oudh
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Zazen - Oudh

Gypset Yogi

Zazen - means Meditation.

For all those who ask me what I scent I am wearing, this is it.  It is hand blended by a dear friend and healer of mine, Keith Harvey.

This is my all time favourite scent, I wear it all day, every day.  I wanted to share it all with you as a natural alternative to highly fragranced, chemical based perfumes so that we may raise our own vibration and the collective consciousness by making a more loving choice for ourselves, for others and for the world around us.  

This scent was created to honour the plant kingdom and the many plant materials that he has worked with and loved over the years.  Each quality ingredient has been selected for their scent, their synergistic qualities and their therapeutic and magical values.  The result is a reassuringly natural perfume designed for both woman and men to enjoy, to create an exquisite scent to nurture confidence in your Self and your energetic connection to the natural world around you.

It is built on the strength and grounding qualities of Native botanicals of Aotearoa, New Zealand, blended with sustainably harvested flowers, seeds, leaves, mosses, resins and fruits gathered from around the globe.  

Contains no animal ingredients.

Botanical ingredients:

*Akeake Extract *Totara Extract *Vanilla Extract *Oakmoss Resin *Oud Resin *Michaelia Flower *Cedarwood *Sandalwood *Gingerlily *Bensoin Resin *Rose Absolute *Bergamot *Frankincense Gum *Black Pepper *Amyris *Star Anise


Zazen is alluring, heady and just a little bit wild, and is designed to be activated by your own natural oils to create a sent unique to you.

15ml glass bottle.

 Zazen has my Heart and I thank Keith for creating it. xxx


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