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Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil - 10ml
$26.00 NZD

Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil - 10ml

BIO Formulations

Sweet Orange Essential Oil - The Oil of Abundance.

This beautiful Sweet Orange Oil is hand-pressed in Italy using traditional methods, delivering a fun-filled scent reminiscent of sunny, carefree summer days.  Bursting with positivity - a true favourite for all ages.  Certified organic to guarantee purity and quality.

Benefits:  An effective stress buster and encourages a playful disposition.  Children adore it.  An effective, uplifting tonic for anyone craving a little more sweetness in life.   Bring in the light with this beautiful oil!

To use:  Add a few drops to your essential oil diffuser or a safely-positioned oil burner.  Try placing a drop in the palm of your hand and massaging through your hair for a wonderfully fragrant uplifting treat.

Essential Oils are very concentrated - please store them carefully out of the reach of children at all times.

Avoid putting directly onto the skin and going out in the sunlight and it may cause burns to the skin.

10ml glass bottle.


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